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We deliver brand awareness and direct-response Influencer & Creator campaigns

We partner with our clients to deliver fully-managed, innovative, human-to-human influencer marketing campaigns.

Why Social Nix

We help brands drive growth, change brand perception and produce creative influencer campaigns. Whether you're looking for a one-off campaign or a long-term retained influencer partner - we could be the agency for you.

Human-led influencer approach

Too many influencer agencies rely solely on tech and influencer search platforms to guide their entire campaign, but we knew there was a better way.

We take a more human-led approach and then use tech to confirm our research and campaign development.

Our team is extremely thorough when it comes to the planning phase, so we can truly get the best influencers for your brand, while delivering efficiency of your budget.


Brand Collaboration

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Long Term Ambassader

End-to-end Campaign Management

We can handle it all, from campaign strategy, research, insights, outreach, briefing, approvals, payment, analysis, and delivery.

Where Creativity Meets Data, Magic Happens

Imagine the boldness of creativity fuelled by the precision of analytics, guided by your brand’s unique purpose — that's the Influencer way.

We understand your goals and your budget both. We will focus your Influencer Marketing Campaign based on your vision, mission and achieving the goals you set.

Who are your target customers and their interests? Our Influencer Marketing  agency will define these personas and create effective influencer campaigns.

We match your target audience with relevant influencers. Clients can access influencers’ demographics to find the perfect fit for their brand.

We understand influencers are humans so we build connections between brands and influencers, ensuring influencers promote products they genuinely care about. 

To make any influencer campaign successful, engaging with their followers is key. We help create concepts and content that encourage interaction with your brand.

Tracking results is crucial for understanding the success of an influencer marketing campaign. We provide tools and tracking for extensive reporting on all activities.



Influencer marketing can be an incredibly effective way to drive awareness and leads for your brand as it relies on trust and authenticity; two things that are particularly important with modern audiences.

While you can launch an influencer campaign on almost any channel, we find that the most effective tend to be on Instagram because of being new and not overly cluttered with sponsored ads.

We understand that some brands prefer to have complete visibility at every stage of the process, while others prefer to let us take the reins. You can have as much or as little involvement as you wish. In case you wish to be involved, you can approve the influencers participating in a campaign, the briefs and concepts before they are shared with influencers and also posting dates.

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